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Laura talks to John Brown about misinformation and climate change

Laura talks to John Brown about misinformation and climate change

September 7, 2021

John Brown is not only CEO of agency Don't Cry Wolf, he's also Chair of the PRCA's Misinformation and Climate Strategy Group, which I'm also part of.

We're pushing ahead with plans to educate our industry and enable them to have access to resources and tools to help spot misinformation, call it out and to celebrate best practice.

In this episode, John and I talk about the group's plans, but more importantly, what and how we can help our clients and organisations get real.

If you'd like to support the group by sending us a great case study, offer a spot on your podcast, or guest blog for the new online hub we're developing, you can get in touch with John (or me) ( . Follow @PRCA_HQ @brownbare @laurafromaura.

Please share this episode with your network to help spread the word and get more people involved in the conversation and taking action.

Laura talks to Michelle Goodall about community building

Laura talks to Michelle Goodall about community building

August 24, 2021

Community building isn't new, but there's a real opportunity for PR and communication professionals to use their existing skills, and build on them, to build communities.

In this episode Michelle Goodall, who's CMO at Guild, talks about the opportunities and the challenges. Some great learning points in this episode about the difference between community platforms vs social media platform groups, too.

You can find Michelle on Twitter @GreenWellys and Guild here.

Laura talks about people risk and the top 10 identified in the UK

Laura talks about people risk and the top 10 identified in the UK

July 30, 2021

People are one of the biggest risks to businesses. From health and wellbeing to unethical behaviour and more.

In this episode I talk about the top 10 risks identified from a Mercer report to the UK and slightly differently, globally.

I'll be talking over a further 10 episodes about these specifically.

This relates to so much of my thinking and some of my recent work. M&As will be on the horizon, businesses have been relaunched, but these are the risks to manage and the opportunities for the future. 

If you'd like to be a guest on the show to discuss any of these 10 points, please get in touch. I'll be kicking off next week with the first. 

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Laura talks to Mark Webb about disability and inclusion

Laura talks to Mark Webb about disability and inclusion

July 22, 2021

I had the pleasure of speaking to Mark Bond, sorry Webb, earlier in the week and we had a great conversation around disability, having empathy and being human.

Some great lessons in here from Mark about how to approach someone with a known disability and also, a great case study about the changing nature of disability and how someone performs.

Mark Webb is a public speaker and campaigner for disability and indeed all flavours of diversity. He is also Head of Comms for, the social network for people with Multiple Sclerosis, especially the newly diagnosed.
Mark's career has taken him through the PR gears at Disneyland Paris, The Walt Disney Co, David Lloyd Leisure and Dixons Retail.
He plays Wheelchair Rugby badly and tweets too much.
Laura talks to Rod Cartwright about crisis preparedness

Laura talks to Rod Cartwright about crisis preparedness

June 2, 2021

In this episode Laura talks to Rod about defining issues and crises, leadership, the role we play and ESG.  Rod has launched a new model and we get around to talking about that too. I really enjoyed this episode as it shows how conversation can extract good practice, share with listeners and hopefully get other leaders to start to understand the true value of this type of work. 

You can find Rod @RodCartwright on Twitter.

For any suggestions of speakers or topics for the future, please drop me a DM or email.

@laurafromaura or 


About Rod

Rod is the Founder of Rod Cartwright Consulting – a strategic communication consulting firm with a simple mission: to enhance human preparedness, organizational resilience and business performance. He has 25+ years of communication consulting and training experience, specializing in issues management & crisis communication; corporate reputation & thought leadership; leadership communication & executive preparedness; public affairs & stakeholder engagement; and, integrated communication strategy. Rod has held board-level positions at three international top-10 communication consultancy networks (GCI, Hill & Knowlton and Ketchum) – rising to Partner and Global Corporate Practice Director at Ketchum, before becoming EMEA Regional Director at Text100.
He has advised major corporations and brands ranging from Nissan, IBM, Dell, Accenture, Gazprom, KFC, Nutricia and DHL to IATA, Toyota, Quorn, Western Union, McKinsey, P&G and Takeda. His front-line experience in crisis communication and board-level support includes being a key part of the three-person team advising the Chairman, CEO, legal counsel and Emergency Operations Centre team of Malaysia Airlines in the months following the disappearance of Flight MH370 and then advising its sovereign owners on the subsequent restructuring of the airline. He is a Founding Fellow and former board member of the PRCA, was Deputy Chair of the PRCA’s COVID-19 Global Taskforce and leads the Crisis & Risk Communication Working Group of the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD). He is a regular international conference speaker and panelist on crisis communication, reputation management and leadership communication.
Connect with Rod on LinkedIn.
Laura talks about PRFest 2021

Laura talks about PRFest 2021

May 27, 2021

Five jam-packed days of content from some truly inspirational speakers from around the world.

PRFest has once again changed its game to be fully virtual and using three different platforms to run the event, taking PRFest to where PR pros already hang out.

£50 for 5 days, which is £10 a day, to learn from other people's experiences, research, discussions and an opportunity to figure out how you will then take all of that away and apply it to your own practice. 

I'm so excited about this year!

We're also donating £5 per ticket to the Taylor Bennett Foundation which PRFest has supported since 2017.

You can find all details and book tickets at 

Any questions, give me a shout. 

I'd be SO grateful if you'd considering sharing the podcast to encourage other people to sign up. 

Laura re-imagines her business

Laura re-imagines her business

May 24, 2021

In this special episode, I get a bit excited but rightly so. 

My PR business has been re-imagined inline with my passion, what I'm best at and will give me an excellent work-life balance. What else could I ask for?!

I talk about focussing on my specialism, stakeholder engagement, and about how every single business and organisation should be reviewing their stakeholder plans, as everything has changed.

Tune in, leave a review and on this occasion, I'd be so grateful if you could share my podcast.

You can now find me at 



Laura chats to Steph Bridgeman about measurement and adapting a business

Laura chats to Steph Bridgeman about measurement and adapting a business

April 6, 2021

In this episode of People Buy People, I chat to Steph Bridgeman who runs her own measurement business, Experienced Media Analysts, and is also a Director of AMEC. 

As you know, measurement and evaluation is something I preach about often, so this was a great conversation. 

It's also interesting to hear how Steph changed her business. Tune in to find out why, how and the impact its had. 

You can find Steph here: - foundation course, fully online half day course launching in Q2 2021, watch this space!
Laura Sutherland talks about PR and the Climate Crisis

Laura Sutherland talks about PR and the Climate Crisis

March 30, 2021

Just off the backstage at the PRCA Virtual Summit and had to record this extra episode of the podcast! 

Please let me know if you need support in this area.

Laura chats to Helen Jane Campbell about being curious, using humour and playing in PR

Laura chats to Helen Jane Campbell about being curious, using humour and playing in PR

March 23, 2021

Helen Jane Campbell is a former PR practitioner and is now a coach to the freelance, founder and creative community.

Her now book lands NOW (there's a discount code if you listen to the podcast!), and we talk about why she left PR to be a coach, how the book came about and there are some really useful tips around mindset and how we can approach our work/life.

You can find Helen @coachingbyhelen on Instagram or here on Facebook.

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